The idea

  • Schönheitsgeheimnisse Afrikas

Natural cosmetics with social responsibility

Nature knows the best recipes. That is why we aim to preserve most of them in our natural cosmetics. The one purpose of our processing in a combination of traditional and modern methods is to make the natural ingredients usable, and their application as comfortable as possible.
We are full of gratitude towards the regions where our precious raw materials come from, and the people who provide us with them. That is why we want to give something back! A fixed portion of our net profit is always donated to social projects in Africa.

Shea butter

Has harmonising effects on unbalanced skin as well as antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties – even for delicate infant skin. BUY HERE

Arganöl Set

Argan Oil

Provides moisture, strengthens the connective tissue, accelerates the natural skin rejuvenation, and soothes redness and irritations. BUY HERE

Prickly pear pit oil

Suitable for all types of skin, this oil protects the skin cells from damages by free radicals, preventing pre-mature aging. BUY HERE

Bio-LURON Roll-On

Bio-LURON – BIO quality hyaluron
To go in 10ml roll-on bottle

Hyaluronic acid in organic quality, produced in an ECO-certified processing plant. Special offer! BUY HERE

Set Anti-Aging Vacuum-STYLER plus Massage oil

If applied regularly in face, neck and décolleté areas, even small wrinkles disappear and expression lines lose depth. BUY HERE

Bio-Liftung Massage Oil 710100

Bio-Lifting Massage Oil Roll-on

High quality and unique massage oil with natural, high-quality raw materials. Get with introduction price: BUY HERE

Bio-LURON  front with phiols


Bio quality hyaluronic acid – immediately infuses your skin with intense moisture, and also protects from drying out. BUY HERE

Bio-BLACK  front with phiols


Activated carbon made from bamboo. The cleansing, cleaning and refining effects free your skin from impurities and blackheads. BUY HERE


Bio-BLACK & Bio-LURON Trial

Loose Bio quality bamboo ash and Bio quality hyaluronic acid. Made in an ECO certified processing plant. Our combination offer for your skin care. BUY HERE

Bio-TOX  front with phiols


Quick lifting without radical procedures – the serum with ‘plant-based botox’ makes it possible. Dermatologically tested. BUY HERE

All-over Kaktuspeeling

NEW: All-over Kaktuspeeling

Especially suitable for preparing anti-aging, facial, neck, décolleté, moisture or intensive body care routines. 100% free of non-biological ingredients – 100% biologically degradable. Introduction price! BUY HERE

Naturseifen – Umweltfreundlich und ohne synthetische Stoffe

Für eine sanfte, rückfettende Hautreinigung. Für Gesicht und Körper geeignet.  HIER KAUFEN

The idea: Cosmetics with social responsibility

KARITÉ naturelle wants more, wants to be more than just wonderful, naturally pure cosmetics – it is social responsibility for the countries and people we have to thank for the precious raw materials our products are made of that drives us. For their fair compensation for farming and processing. For fair working conditions, and for the security of their livelyhood. Receiving – and giving: So that everyone profits – us and you!

That is why we are founding a non-profit organisation that cares for the affected regions and their inhabitants in Africa: The KARITÉ-Fund. 10 percent of the net revenue of every KARITÉ naturelle product are going into that fund in order to drive projects in Morocco, Ghana or Nigeria, among others. Additionally there is a donation account that you, dear KARITÉ naturelle visitors, may support.

Fair trade: Not enough for cosmetics with social responsibility!

„Fair trade, purchasing at fair prices – all good and dandy. But that’s not enough. We must do more than that“, said the IBK Kosmetik GmbH CEO and founder of the brand KARITÉ naturelle to himself. The idea of fairly supporting the African producers had been a long time coming since the company’s inception.

The basis of the idea

The beginning was marked by a visit at a trade fair in Bremen, in 2014, where IBK representatives discovered shea butter at an African post. They were immediately fascinated by the characteristics of this natural skin care product, and promptly saw it as an ideal addition to a cosmetic care product that had already been developed.

Also, they couldn’t get the conversations with the people at the post out of their heads anymore. The conditions in their home country, and the poverty of their people left them in awe. Many more encounters with African people then made their idea more and more certain: Cosmetics with social responsibility are possible.

„Of course we will purchase at fair prices. But that is not enough. We have to let the people in the regions of origin have a part of what their work and raw materials merit in the end – a precious, cosmetic skin care product at a relevant price.“

Thanks to the African producers

Of course there are many variables that make up the retail price in the end, variables that lead from the raw materials up until the retail product – those are costs for sorting, analysing, storage, transport and logistics, processing, certification, and many more. Of course, this means that the retail price is considerably higher than the purchase price of the original raw materials.

However, this „added value“ is, even in fair trade principles, nothing the original producers usually see anything of. And that is how the idea of the KARITÉ fund was born: A fixed percentage of this added value – 10% of the net retail price – goes right back to the origin of the KARITÉ naturelle skin care series! As a warm thank you.

How cosmetics with social responsibility come alive


As the places of origin of the KARITÉ naturelle products often lack in almost everything, we are working on a variety of social projects. Many of those in the fields of family, health and education, others are activities for nature and the environment.

Your donation

It is fun to help!

Important note:
The founding process of the KARITÉ fund under the leadership of the IBK executive board is not yet complete. Unfortunately it takes some time for a non-profit organisation to be legally able to work as such. Our cooperation with social projects in Africa, however, is already underway – but a receipt for your donations may only be handed out to you once we are officially registered as the KARITÉ fund. In this regard, we are asking you for a bit of patience.