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Shea: all in one instead of many special products!

Don’t you know that, too? One cream for the face, another for the hands, a special product for scars, a salve that turns the lips supple… stores bursting with tubs and tubes and cans and vials – a special care product for each and every part of the skin.

More often than not they are separated even by „dry“ or „fatty“ skin, „young“ or „aged“, „normal“ or „allergic“. And not to forget: HIM and HER, children and infants.

With shea, the butter made from the shea nut, you have all that in one! Because it already contains everything the skin needs in its natural state in order to become beautiful, well-maintained and healthy.

Shea – the multitalent for your skin care

For nourishment & protection

  • as a daily care product for the face and the whole body, as shea provides the skin with moisture and important nutrition, and strengthens the skin’s own protection barrier additionally from the outside. That makes the skin radiate from within, and naturally curbs ageing.
  • As a lip balm that creates an invisible protective film, providing moisture and a natural sheen.
  • To care for dry and used hands, to make them soft and supple again, to moisturise and protect them better from the contact with water or aggressive substances.
  • Also for especially dry and tires skin areas like the elbows, knees, toes, heels or knuckles.
  • As an additional care product for hair and nails to make them soft, shiny and more flexible.

For special needs

  • to soften hard blisters and scruff on the feet, and make them disappear after a while.
  • As a car eproduct for scarred skin, to keep the skin supple in order to keep it from hardening – as that not only looks bad but can also hurt.
  • To prevent pregnancy stretch marks by making the skin softer and more elastic.
  • For „Dammpflege“, as supple skin doesn’t tear as easily, or when it tears heals more easily.
  • as a care product for the nipples during breastfeeding times, in order to prevent irritation
  • in cases of skin irritation and rashes, as it relaxes and regenerates the skin – for example for infants’ bottoms irritated by diapers, or allergic skin
  • as protection against sun as well as cold: Shea has a light, natural UV protection factor of around 4. When it’s cold, it provides a warming film on the skin that also prevents it from going dry.

Pure shea butter in natural recipes

With KARITÉ naturelle you can enjoy yourself from head to toe! Our skin care recipes range from the pure shea butter in its natural form to variants with varying consistency and different aromas. You can choose – and go by your personal taste and preference.

Important to know:

Of course our shea butter is BIO quality certified. And for ingredients, we only use the highest quality natural plant based oils and aromas made from naturally pure, aetherial oils. The amount of she abutter in all of the mixed recipes is always more than 50% – in order for this multi talent to work all of its magic on you.

KARITÉ naturelle: naturally beautiful

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