Proper skin care



Miracle skin! It is our largest organ. An adult person is enveloped by 2 square metres of skin, in which about 2 billion skin cells and several millions of nerve cells do their impressive work:

They create a clever barrier against cold, heat and water. They prevent bacteria, toxins and foreign matter to pass through, regulate the body temperature, register slightest pains and tactile sensations, let us touch and feel the world…

All the while the skin is continuously regenerating. It fixes smallest scratches and tears, closes larger wounds, and renews its protective barrier consistently. But in order for that to work, me must maintain and care for our skin – from the outside, and from within.

It must be the main aim of your skin care:

To keep your skin in its natural balance, so that all the participants of this marvel can work together perfectly. The outcome: Beautiful, healthy skin!


In order to understand the skin’s needs it is important to understand its structure and function. Only then is it possible to select the proper skin care – and to provide holistic support.

The skin may be only 1,5 to 4mm thick, but it is made up of three layers:

Epidermis – the protective shield

A fatty layer of horn cells covered by a fine film of water and fats (hydrolipidic film). This is our most important skin protection barrier that works similar to a wall: The fat holds the horn cells together like mortar would bricks. It makes the skin smooth and water-repellent, and also prevents water from escaping (after all, our body is about 70% water).

An acidic pH value protects from pathogens. Additionally the epidermis includes pigment cells, tactile cells and „watchers“ of the immune system, that will alarm the body’s defense systems when detecting foreign matter or bacteria.

Dermis – the bumper and provider

The robust and thick middle layer made mostly out of elsatic connective tissue like collagen and elastin. It contains thousands of nerve fibres that register temperature, pressure, touch, pain or itching. It also contains blood and lymph vessels that provide the epidermis with nutrients and ferry off „waste“, and tallow and sweat glands that transport fat and moisture to the surface.

This is also where the hair roots are located. When the watchers of the immune system activate the „alarm“, the dermis swells, creating wheals and pimples.

Hypodermis – heat cushion and energy safe

A layer made of fat cells and loose connective tissue, pervaded by blood vessels and nerve strands. It cushions and isolates the body to protect it from cold.


The health and look of our skin is deeply dependent on influences from the inside as well as the outside. That is why nothing shows our way of living and our health as well as our emotional situation and our skin maintenance like the skin does.

When the skin is stressed, it quickly falls out of balance – and it will show that by getting rough and dry, or developing impurities. It will react more severely, tends to get inflamed or wrinkled. In this case it is important to quickly get it back into balance. With skin care by KARITÉ naturelle that is quite simple. Because it naturally contains ingredients that holistically support the self-regulation of the skin on many levels.


Beautiful skin

You don’t know skin problems, your skin looks beautiful and healthy? Congratulations! How to naturally keep it that way and make it stronger:

Beautiful skin

Dry skin

You are plagued by dry skin? What you can do against tension, itching and wrinkles:

Dry skin

Fatty skin

Your skin is fatty and tends to develop impurities and pimples? Then you have to keep some things in mind for the skin care.

Fatty skin

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin often reacts severely, shows redness, rashes, is prone to allergic reactions and neurodermatitis. What stabilises it and makes it stronger:

Sensitive skin

Stressed skin

Lots of sun, lots of water, heat or cold, but also handling of irritants, a large baby belly, or fresh scars may strain the skin. With proper care, it will still stay fit.

Stressed skin

Tired, pale skin

Your skin looks tired and pale, looks saggy and is full of lines and wrinkles? When blood circulation and vigour are lacking, a „fountain of youth“ is direly needed:

Tired, pale skin