Shea butter soap cleanses and maintains at the same time

What good is a nice aroma, lots of foam and a refreshed feeling after washing, if a cleansing product attacks the skin? When artificial aromas irritate the skin and tears down its natural protective barrier? When the skin uses fats and moisture, gets tired and dry? Little, or not at all! Correct.

That is why plant based soaps like shea butter soap are a better choice for your skin. While they cleanse deeply and properly, they also do it softly and carefully. You end up not only cleansing, but also maintaining your skin. Especially if you wash often, or if your skin is dry or prone to irritation, this is very important.

Shea butter in soap – the plus for skin care

Plant based soaps produced in unrefined and cold processes retain the plants’ active ingredients best. Be that pure shea butter soap or a soap that partly contains shea butter – you do profit from its skin-maintaining effects.

The advantages

  • mild foaming: It is good for the skin and prevents irritation
  • the rich shea butter provides moisture and fats the skin. So it returns to the skin what the contact with water takes from it. Washing bloats the skin and removes fats and moisture from it – but those are irreplaceable for the skin’s protective barrier against wind and weather, water, irritative agents and bacteria. Thanks to shea butter, the skin retains its natural balance.
  • That prevents the skin from drying out, and keeps it soft and supple
  • very suitable for dry, delicate or easily irritable skin
  • also suitable for very frequent washing

You can find high-quality plant-based soaps produced by hand in unrefined cold processes, and without artificial colours, aromas or conservation agents, as pure shea butter soap or containing shea butter right here.

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