Fatty skin


Relaxing fatty skin and gently rebalancing it

Fatty skin is very tough, and usually shows wrinkles considerably later than other skin types. For the people affected, however, that often little consolation. They suffer from their skin’s oily sheen, large pores and – on top of that – pimples and blackheads.

It is the visibility of this skin problem that is so bothersome. Because the fatty film, the impurities and pimples most often are visible in the places that we others show the most: The face, especially the forehead, nose and chin, the décolleté, the shoulders and the upper back.

That may be frustrating, but: Don’t retaliate aggressively, do it gently, in order to relax your skin and slowly nudge it back into its natural balance.

Fatty skin: attention, acne-alarm!

Fatty skin and acne are mainly caused by the influence of male hormones. A corresponding heredeitary influence, and the tallow glands will produce a massive amount of fat. The glands produce a surplus – much more than the skin needs in order to stay smooth or to keep up its protective barrier.

Additionally, horn cells settle around the tallow glands and clog them up. The fat can no longer drain, and the clogging extends the pores so that they widen and become visible.

As a result of this surplus in fat, the natural acidic protective barrier of the skin falls out of balance. Subsequently, bacteria enter the pores, cause inflammations and pimples. If smaller pustules turn into larger wheals, they may even cause scars later on.


As fatty and impure skin is mainly caused by hormones, it is not surprising that it is found most often in puberty. However, unfortunately adults are not immune to it either, as wrong foods, the wrong skin care, or even stress can cause this skin problem as well. Tipps in order to gently help:

Maintenance from within

• Avoid or reduce foods with animal fats, dairy, sugary foods, fast food, alcohol and sweets like crisps and crackers. Don’t smoke. It is advantageous to consume fish and foods that contain lots ov vitamin A, vitamin D and zinc.
• Drink a lot, at least 1 ½ to 2 litres of water a day. That keeps the self-regulation of the skin „flowing“ and helps it regenerate and drain waste products and toxins.
• Outside-activities and fresh air stimulate the blood circulation and open the pores so that the tallow can drain.
• Avoid stress and take care to get a break once in a while, as stress can also stimulate the fat production in the skin.

Maintenance from outside

• At all costs, avoid aggressive measures and products when cleaning your skin. Rough handling can even worsen the problem. Important: Cleanse fatty skin thoroughly, but gently. Wash your face twice a day – but avoid common soaps or rough peelings, alcohols and many products advertised as anti-acne products, as they irritate the skin and dry it out – to that, the skin will react by producing even more fat to protect itself!
Better: Wash with mild products and lukewarm (not hot) water, and pad (not rub) dry afterwards.

Do not pick, scratch or squeeze pimples and blackheads! That presses the tallow deeper into the skin and the inflammation gets even worse. Also your fingers and nails will just distribute the bacteria over your skin.

Better: Let your cosmetician remove them professionally. In order fro pimples and blackheads to „ripen“ and flush out open pore naturally, you can also use a weekly face steam bath (for example with camomile blossoms, or use Bio-BLACK to drain impurities from the pores and reduce the inflammation.

• Do not use products that are too rich in fat for skin care in cases of fatty skin. Use those that provide moisture and relax the skin. They should be free of chemical additives as they can irritate the skin, and they shouldn’t contain mineral oils (paraffin) either, as that will close the pores and prevent it from „breathing“. Important: The skin care may not be „comedogenic“ (meaning: clogging the pores).

• The unrefined shea butter by KARITÉ naturelle is suited for any type of skin, even for fatty skin. In contrast to cocoa or cocos butter, it is not comedogenic. Thanks to its natural composition, it has a holistic effect on the skin as it supports its natural self regulation in order to regain a healthy balance. It prevents loss of moisture, has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and relaxes. More about Shea butter

For daily skin care, apply a thin layer to moist skin – for example right after the shower. You will need only a little amount, and it will be absorbed more easily by your skin. Apply gently to your face, and generously to your body.

• Our naturally pure argan oil is also not comedogenic, and suited for fatty and impure skin. It provides moisture, reduces pores, regulates tallow production while having anti-inflammatory effects. More about Argan oil

Apply the oil purely instead of shea butter, or as a „maintenance plus“, mixed in to shea butter. It is especially well absorbed by moist skin.

• The extremely light and naturally pure prickly pear pit oil by KARITÈ naturelle is ideal for aged skin or mixed skin that is fatty but has dry areas and requires intensive care. It is not comedogenic and provides the skin with intense moisture. It also works against cornification problems at the tallow glands so that the glands don’t get clogged. Additionally, it is anti-inflammatory. More about Prickly pear pit oil

Apply the oil instead of shea butter to the face, neck and décolleté, or use it as an added „maintenance plus“ to the butter.

• Pleaste be patient!
Fatty skin or acne aren’t removed over night. Proper care doesn’t necessarily show immediate results – even though the processes within your skin might already be changing and bettering.

Even natural skin-regeneration takes about 28 days on average. In order for unbalanced skin to get back into balance out of the depths, in order for it to normalise, you should calculate about 3 months. So please be patient, and give your skin time.

Proper skin care: how is your skin doing?

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