A jewel for skin care – shea butter & effects

Is it possible that one skin care product actually satisfies all the skin’s needs and is suitable for any skin type and even diseased skin? Yes, naturally pure shea butter makes it possible! That is because its unique combination of active ingredients is very similar to the skin’s own fat composition, which makes it a perfect nutrition for the skin.

Shea butter naturally contains an active ingredient cocktail that perfectly supports the self-regulation of your skin – no matter what properties that skin has or what its problems are. That is why the butter has so many effects: Smoothening, revitalising, regeneration, strengthening the skin’s own protective layer, mend damages … and much more.

Shea butter: effects through precious ingredients

The ingredients of shea butter have long been scientifically researched. And they explain what makes shea so unique:

  1. They contain a balanced amount of saturated (stearin and palmitin acid) and unsaturated (oil and linol acid) fatty acids.

Effect: These virtually melt into the skin’s fat layer, and strengthen the important hydro-lipid layer (water-oil-layer) of the skin. It is also known as the acid protection layer of the upper skin, and makes up a natural barrier against dangers from outside, such as bacteria, chemicals, allergens or sunlight.

The fatty acids in shea keep the skin smooth and supple, prevent drying out and make the skin „radiate“ from within, making it more resilient towards external stress factors.

  1. Of all plant-based fats, shea butter contains the highest amount of „unwashable“ substances at 11-16%. These substances remain active even on contact with water and soap. To put that inrelation: Avocado oil contains 6%, sesame oil 1.5%, olive oil 1.2% and argan oil 1%.

Effects: The substances are absorbed deep into the skin and improve its ability to bind moisture. They are regenerative, slow down skin ageing, and have healing properties in cases of inflammations or wounds.

Shea butter – unwashable ingredients


  • regenerate the skin’s own protective barrier
  • improve water retainment and curb drying-out
  • heal inflammations and rashes

Vitamin E

  • strongly antioxidising: Protects from free radicals (aggressive oxygen particles) that damage skin cells and age the skin. They are created by UV radiation and pollutants. Vitanim E even protects the shea butter itself from oxidisation: Unrefined shea butter has a shelf life of up to 3 years for this reason.
  • Nourishes and smoothens the skin, improves the blood circulation
  • accelerates skin regeneration
  • has anti-inflammatory properties

Vitamin A

  • stimulates the skin cells’ metabolism
  • supports collagen procution and strengthens the connective tissue
  • keeps the skin taut and elastic


  • relieving effects in cases of inflammation
  • regenerates dead tissue, supports wound-healing


  • antioxidative and cell-protective
  • antibacterial
  • anti-inflammatory


  • protects from damage by free radicals
  • supports the skin-respiration
  • prevents the loss of moisture

Shea butter: effects for maintenance & healing

Shea butter has many applications – be that for the daily skin care, treating stressed skin or protecting delicate skin. It is also suitable for tearing skin, scars, itching and rashes. More at >Maintenance<

The skin is like a mirror

Your look tells a lot about how old we are, whether we feeld good, how we live and how we eat – but also, how we treat our skin. The skin easily falls out of balance if it is stressed, and then we literally „feel unwell in our skin“. How is your skin doing, does it have problems? Learn what it needs to be beautiful and healthy: your skin.

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