Argan oil is a particularly precious vegetable oil for skin care. It nourishes and revitalises the skin with rich active ingredients, and gives it a young and smooth look. Suitable even for delicate infant skin, for skin irritations or impurities.

On top of that, argan oil is comfortable in its irritation. It is absorbed quickly without fatting the skin, or getting sticky like other oils often do. That is especially important when you are in a hurry and have to get dressed right after application.

Argan oil allows for diverse applications:

• as a magnificent massage oil that makes the skin soft and smooth, and leaves a silky feel
• as additional care, but also for the entire body including the scalp and hair
• as a remedial oil for blemished or problematic skin


Skin care using vegetable oils belongs to humanities oldest cosmetic applications. The argan oil’s special care effect and light texture stem from its natural composition – with a high content (80%) in unsaturated fatty acids, as well as high contents in antioxidants, vitamin E, polyphenols and phytosterol.

Argan oil – anti-aging & beauty care in its pure form

• Argan oil protects from free radicals due to environmental influences that prematurely age the skin
• accelerates natural cell renewal and has regenerative and wrinkle-reducing effects
• provides natural and light sun protection, preventing unsightly pigment spots – also called aging spots
• argan oil provides moisture for a refreshed healthy and radiant complexion
• tightens the connective tissue and lightly pads the skin to make it more even and flexible
• reduces the pores and regulates oily secretions – ideal for fatty, impure skin

Argan oil – relaxing & healing effects

• effective against rashes, skin irritations and inflammations
• suitable for dry, itching, irritated or allergic skin, with soothing effects in cases like neurodermatitis or psoriasis
• brings new balance to problematic skin – for example it can make sensitive skin more resistant, or relax dry scaling or itchy scalp
• supports the regeneration of damaged skin, for example after a sunburn

Argan oil – a blessing for dry hair and nails

• Argan oil surrounds single strands of hair, preventing split ends
• repairs the outer layer of dandruff, smoothens the surface and creates a silky sheen
• provides moisture to finger and toe nails, makes them more flexible and resilient


KARITÉ naturelle offers a 100% naturally pure and unrefined argan oil extracted from the nuts of the up to 10m high argan trees. Careful cold pressing and subsequent fine filtering ensures the highest possible natural active ingredient content as well as the fine scent and the golden yellow hue of this high quality oil that remains usable for at least 3 years.

Knowing the difference

A high quality is not a given with argan oil. There are oils extracted with chemicals and solvents. Or oils that are extracted by pressing, but are later processed in refineries. It is not surprising then, that these contain much lower amounts of active ingredients, or even contain residual chemicals from the production process. If argan oil is bright yellow and translucent, has no detectable odour or – on the contrary – a very strong and unpleasant one, a low quality oil is what you have.

Argan oil: The treasure dictates the price

Despite being one of the oldest tree species in the world the argan tree is a rarity, as it exclusively grows in an 8,000 square kilometre UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in Morocco, in a dry and desertlike climate. A fully grown argan tree carries about 30 kg of plumlike fruits, from which a mere 1 litre of pure argan oil can be extracted.

Argan oil by KARITÉ naturelle – pure, or as an extra care product

The argan oil by KARITÉ naturelle can be obtained pure, or as a wellness extra care. However, you can also find it in a mixture with our shea butter, making it more smooth and silky in its consistency.

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